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MOLSA, Talleres MOL S.L., was established 50 years ago, and therefore has great experience in the manufacturing of slip rings collectors, brushes and brush holders for electric motors and electric rotary machines. We also manufacture electro-hydraulic brakes, pulleys and flexible couplings.

With a manufacturing plant in the north of Spain and a very efficient supply chain, we give an excellent service all over the world.

Slip rings collectors

Slip Rings Collector is an electromechanical device linked to electric motors that allows transmission of power or electric signals from a stationary to a rotary mechanism.

Brushes and Brus Holders

Brush holders and brushes ensure permanent contact with the slip ring, using springs assemblies or constant pressure systems. Our wide product range will meet your necessities in all respect.

Catalogue / Downloads

From this section, you can download product descriptions and general catalogues of our manufacturing program where you can find technical information and main characteristics.

MOLSA. Manufacturing Programme

Slips Rings Collectors – Brushes – Brush Holders – Electro-Hydraulic Brakes – Pulleys – Flexible couplings

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