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Brushes and brush holders

In Talleres MOL S.L. we know that it is essential to choose the correct brushes and their composition for each need. As a result of this, we can achieve important machinery improvements enlarging brushes and collector durability and helping to reduce maintenance.

Brushes and Brush Holders

Please find outlined the most relevant characteristics of our standard range qualities.



Carbographite brushes are obtained from graphite and carbon mineral. Due to their mineral components, they have a very low abrasiveness coefficient. Recommended for high speed rotary machines, electric motors up to 30 KW, universal motors, and micro motors.



Electrographite brushes are obtained from carbon minerals, precooked and hardened at a temperature higher than 2500 ºC in a graphite furnace, where the conversion of carbons into electrographite takes place, and most of the impurities are removed. Recommended for DC electric motors, slip rings rotary machines, railway electric traction motors, universal motors, AC electric motors, generators, rotary converters, slip rings collectors and commutators.


Metalgraphite brushes are obtained from graphite and carbon mineral mixed with copper/metal dust, providing them with a high electrical conductivity. Recommended for low voltage DC electric rotary machines, asynchronous motors and slip rings collectors.



Silvergraphite brushes are obtained mixing, compacting and synthesizing graphite and silver dust, providing them with a very high electrical conductivity. Recommended for low voltage current/signals transmission, tachymetric dynamos, low voltage micro motors and measurement signals transmitters.


Hard coal brushes are obtained from amorphous carbon mineral. It has solid structure and a very high abrasiveness and hardness. Recommended for high speed rotary machines, electric motors up to 30KW, universal motors and commutators.



Bakelitegraphite brushes is a variation of carbographite and are obtained from binders with a base of synthetic resins which provide them with a high resistance, high voltage drop and high ratio between transverse and longitudinal electrical resistance. Recommended for generators up to 30KW, collector motors, variable speed electric motors, universal motors and rotary converters.

Besides the mentioned compositions, special qualities are available on demand. Also the brushes can be supplied with further treatments in order to improve properties such as coefficient of friction, hardness, mechanical or thermal resistance.


Brush holders

Brush holders shown below, represent a sample of the most common models of our production range. Other models and special assemblies are available to provide our customers with the best solution.

Talleres MOL S.L. brush holders are manufactured using high quality brass with high conductivity properties, thermal resistance, mechanical strength and low wear.

For further information, please contact our technical department. We will be pleased to help you.

brush holders